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Scuilwab - leuk efter yer leid

For Teachers an Parents

For mony bairns, Scots is the language o the hame. Maist fowk in Scotland speak a mixter-maxter o Scots an Scottish English, whiles yaisin mair o yin an whiles mair o the ither. Scots is yaised maistlie at hame wi the faimilie. Sae, for a hail wheen o weans, it is their mither tongue.

Scots isnae slang.
Scots isnae bad English.
It is a braw language in its ain richt.

The spellin an the grammar yaised on this wabsteid may no be the same as yer ain.

Remember Scots is a leevin leid an isnae set in taiblets o stane.

Cross-curricular links

Understaunin Scots an haein an awareness o the leid an its yiss wull help ye reflect on whit it means tae the ying fowk and the place far they bide. This awareness can enrich aw pairts o the curriculum. The likes o creepy-crawlies an flooers are aften kent tae bairns or their faimlies by Scots nems. Hoo wud they react if ye yaised thaim or praised thaim for the yiss?

CPD Materials

This section links tae a pooerpynt aboot Scots an the teachin o Scots in the context o Curriculum for Excellence.

Gettin Guid

The Gettin Guid at Scots section haes suggestions for cross-curricular links tae yaise Scots throu different subjects.


This section is ideal for fowk wantin tae study Scots in mair detail. Ye wull enjoy the academic challenges o the Scots texts.

Stertin Oot

Bairns as young as twa can click on a moose. The Stertin Oot section haes pages that the bairns can yaise wi minimum supervision, if ye jist get thaim stertit, bit ither pages wull need mair inpit frae an adult. Therr are stories, sangs an rhymes that can be doonloadit an aw.

Teachers' area

Teachers area

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