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Scuilwab - leuk efter yer leid

Scotshoose wabsteid

Matthew Fitt's wabsteid is devotit tae lively Scots material. Matthew wis in Dundee shortlins at the Literary Festival sharin his translation intae Scots o David Walliam's buik. Scots version is 'Mr.Mingin: Mr Stink in Scots'.

News item aboot the launch. 

Hae a leuk at Scottish Book Trust's wabsteid tae read. Find braw advice on scrievin by Matthew Fitt (Scots Hoose) an the Scottish Book Trust. Matthew ootlines weys tae get stertit, he sugggests listenin tae clips frae BBC programmes o Scottish scriever Alan Bissett readin twa taditional ghost stories an refers tae Children's Laureate Michael Rosen's visit tae Glesca tae lairn mair aboot the Scots leid.

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