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Scuilwab - leuk efter yer leid

Nievie nievie nick nack

Ye can play this gemm wi a freen.

Wioot yer freen seein ye, ye tak a sma pebble or a wee piece o paper in yer haun an close yer haun roon it. This maks yer haun intae a nieve (or fist).

Ye mak a nieve wi yer ither haun tae.

Than ye say 'Nievie nievie nick nack whit haun shud ye tak?' Whilst yer sayin that, circle yer nieves ower een anither . Ye can coont ane, twa, three an fower.

Than ye pit yer nieves ahint yer back for a moment or twa til yer freen his a think. Than ye bring yer nieves oot tae the front an ask if they can jalousie whit nieve yer pebble or wee piece o paper is in, yer richt nieve or yer left yin.

Yer freen his tae tap on the nieve they think his the pebble in. War they richt?

Weel done.

They can hae anither go and then ye can swap ower.

Ye micht ken ither haun-gemms ye wad like tae share. Ask yer faimlie if they ken onie ither yins. Noo ye can teach the gemm tae anither cless.