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Scuilwab - leuk efter yer leid

Scottish Lexicography Symposium: ScotLex-1

The first Scottish Lexicography Symposium- ScotLex-1 at the Royal Society of Edinburrae on Friday 8th April 2016 wis a great success. Wark on dictionars wis celebratit frae aw ower sic as Slovenia an South Africa.

Scotland his historically contributit weel tae the field o lexicography frae the wark o Jamieson tae the publishin o the Chambers brithers in Edinburrae as weel as Murray's an than Craigie's stewardship o the Oxford English Dictionary. Theday we hae twa national dictionar organisations, yin for Scots an anither for Gaelic. They baith lead academic research in historical lexicography as weel as supportin projects sic as 'The Historical Thesaurus of English'. We tak tent o the langstaunin presence o Collins in Glesca inaw. 

Wi this backgroond, ScotLex-1 celebrates raicent lexicographical wark wi a focus on weys o warkin an interestin practice. The Symposium an its development wull offer monie opportunities tae hae a collogue aboot wittens in Scotland an beyont.

Hae a leuk at the wittens on the Scottish Language Dictionaries wabsteid at or contact SLD staff for mair details.