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Coulter's Candy

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Coulter's candy

Dae ye ken onie ither versions o this popular sang?

Ally Bally Ally Bally B,
sittin on yer mammie's knee,
greetin for a wee bawbee,
tae buy some Coulter's candy.

Ally Bally, Ally, Bally B,
when you grow up ye'll gae tae sea,
makkin' pennies for your daddy an me,
tae buy mair Coulter's candy.

Mammy gie me ma thriftie doon,
here's auld Coulter comin roon
wi a basket on his croon
sellin Coulter's candy.

Little Annie's greetin tae,
sae whit can puir wee Mammy dae
but gie them a penny atween them twae
tae buy mair Coulter's candy.

Puir wee Jeannie's lookin affa thin,
a rickle o banes covered ower wi skin,
she'll soon be gettin a wee double chin
frae sookin Coulter's candy.

There's no money for a puir wee soul,
yer daddie's signin on the dole,
but there's a penny in the sugar bowl
tae get yer Coulter's candy.