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Scottish fiction reviews Treasure Islands: a guide to Scottish fiction for young readers

Dae ye ken aboot the 'Treasure Islands' material on the ASLS wabsteid?

They've gaithert 160 reviews o Scottish Fiction titles. The suggestit age range is 10-14. It micht save ye time whan leukin for a buik for yer cless as it his wittins aboot content an themes.

It micht gie ye ideas o whit yin wad fit yer cless' wark weel. Are therr ither titles ye wad add tae the leet?

Send us yer ain reviews.

Monie libraries hae leaflets wi wittins tae, the Edinburrae scuils 'Teen Titles' series wis aye popular, the fact that the reviewers war ying fowk thaimsels attractit attention.

Tell us whit the readers are up tae in yer region.

The Scottish Book Trust his developed a leet o Scots buiks tae wi suggestit reading ages.

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