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Rebecca Leah and Sarah tell us aboot Orkney

Rebecca, Leah an Sarah

We want tae tell you aboot wir hame in Orkney. Orkney is a peedie group islands jist aff thi north coast o Scotland. Thi populated isles include Sooth Ronaldsiy, Burriy, Hoy, Flotta, Papa Westray, Sanday, Aday, Stronsay and Rousay. We hiv some finominal scenery, such as thi Auld Man o Hoy, Ward Hill also in Hoy, Castle Rock in Westriy, Maes Howe, Mine Howe, Ring o Brodgar, Standin Stones o Stennis, Skara Brae, Bay o Skaill and Scapa Flow.

Thurr’s also some very interesting wildlife such as tammie norries. Yoo kin also find shaldros in fields, bonksees, auks, whales, North Ronalsay skeep, selkies, Orkney voles, rats an mice. An albino lobster wis fund in Orkney as well. The occasional otter is also fund near water.
The wither in Orkney is generally caulder and rainier than maist o the country. In the spring the wither is cauld an breezy wae some rain. In the summer, the wither is weet an blustery wae some occasional sunshine. In the winter however it can be really gowstrie. In 1953 there wis a hurricane wi wap reachin 135 m.p.h. The average wap is aboot 15 m.p.h. if ya live in the east o Orkney.

The economy in Orkney is based on food produce. Orkney cheese, Orkney wine, Orkney meat, Orkney ice-cream, Orkney whisky, Orkney fudge, Orkney fish, Orkney bread and cakes, Orkney honey, Orkney preservatives, Orkney hampers, Orkney chairs, Orkney wool, Orkney jewellery, Orkney tartan, Orkney pottery and Orkney felt works. Farming his also a big port in Orkney. They grow crops fur wir food. They hev hens, kye, sheep, pig, goats, ducks and geese.
We hope you enjoyed oor news

Rebecca, Leah and Sarah.

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