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TINTIN in Scots

The Adventures o TINTIN: The Derk Isle

Ay, 'The Derk Isle' is dreich an oorie!
There's a version o the tale in Gaelic anaw.
Are therr ither buiks that ye wad like tae see oweset intae Scots or Gaelic?
Braw illustrations aye tell a story an get fowk bletherin.

Therr's a graphic novel version o Kidnapped, a classic, is there a copy in yer library at scuil or at hame?

The 'Association for the Scottish Literacy Studies' commissioned a graphic novel version o Edwin Morgan's poem 'The First Men on Mercury'. Metaphrog's illustrations wice ye thru the buik. It wis sent intae secondary scuils in Morgan's hame-toun o Glesca tae merk National Poetry Day in 2009. 

Ye can mak yer ain storyboard or yaise the 'Comic Life' computer program tae guid effect, wi speech bubbles in Scots. Tell us whit ye're up tae. Dae ye yaise 'Screenshots' an pit in yer ain dialogue? Are ye a whizz wi animations?  Tell us aw aboot it.

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