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Trouble Bruin for Hooley an Gallus!

Ye can read aw aboot Gallus an Hooley as the buik wis launchit at Comely Park Scuil on Wednesday 27th November. Comely Park Primary Scuil's ain Patron o Reading Lynne Rickards celebratit the achievement wi thaim aw an SLD's Education an Ootrax Officer wis delichtit tae be invitit tae. Falkirk libraries an Booktrust Scotland as weel as a scuil ha fu o prood pawrents war gey impressed wi the bairns as they presentit, organised an promotit thir buik an merchanidise. The bairns wur aw involved, as security an caterin staff. Gey professional!

A'm shuir that ye wull want a wee gust o the brilliant buik, enjoy:

"Gallus an Hooley winted tae open their ain ginger business but didnae hae a scoobie hoo tae get the bibbles intae the bru."

Whit dae ye think wull come ower thaim? Read the hail story ablow. 

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