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My life in Scotland

A report fae Sakina in Central Scotland.

Hi, I'm Sakina. I live in Central Scotland and I am a Scottish Asian. I live with my mum, step dad, brother and wee sis. My mum and dad split up when I was 2. After my mum split up she met my step dad and he was soon living with us. When I was 6 my mum and step dad had my wee sis. I find my mum and dad splittin up quite hard, as my da's side of the family are Muslims like me and my mum, sister, brother and step dad aren't.

My brother used to be a Muslim but as he got older he has chosen his own path and what he wants to believe in. I still do all the Muslim things like I've just finished Ramadan, which is fasting from sunrise to sunset for 40 days. I find this difficult as no one does it in my house and none of my friends are Muslims, Also at school everyone is eating around me. Although I don't see much of my dad and his family just now I feel this is a very important part of me.

After school I go to highland dancing and I compete at weekends. I've been dancing since I was 3. I also go to athletics and play the tenor horn.

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