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Fin oot aboot Orkney

A letter fae Ali, Ewan, Stacy, Bush an Andrew.

Life in Orkney

We are a bunch o Orkney bairns. We are going ta tell you aboot wur peedie community and wur local activities. We will also tell you aboot urban and rural areas o Orkney and sum o the history and grand landscapes aboot Orkney. Orkney has bonnie countryside and big hills, especially the Ward Hill on the Island o Hoy. There is also a lot o flat land which is good for growing crops such as silage and barley. There are lots of farms in Orkney with coos and sheep. We go to a school called Kirkwall Grammar School and most o us are very happy wae the school. All o us have good social lives and a nice place to live in as it is safe to walk doon the street as there is no crime happenin around you.

Orkney has world famous whisky from the highland park and also Orkney has other famous produce such as cheese and fudge. Orkney has interesting history as it used to be pillaged by the Vikings and it has lots of stone aged monumentd such as Skara Brae and Maes Howe etc. It also has a Norse cathedral which is named after the Viking St Magnus. It was very important in world wars as it held the British navy in Scapa Flow. It still has shipwrecks. It also has four barriers to link the islands and it was used to stop enemy ships fae getting in and it has an Italian chapel which Italian prisoners of war built to remind themselves o home. Orkney has a pretty good night life as Orkney has such clubs as Fusion which is one of the best nightclubs in the north o Scotland. Orkney has a few traditions such as the Ba, County Show and the Dounby Show.

The Ba is where people who live north and south o where the ba is thrown up (St Magnus cathedral) cimpete against each other. The ba is a heavy ball made out o leather and cork. The rules o the ba are doonies have to get it to the basin and the uppies have to get it to the wall. The county show is an agricultural show as well as the Dounby show where thousands of Orkney prople visit the show. Orkney has a few of their own celebrities such as Cameron Stout the winner o Big Bither, a famous poet called George Mackay Brown, a singer called Ruby Rendell and our famous band Hadhirgaan. Orkney is home to a lot of beautiful scenery and wildlife such as our birds like a Bonxie, Whaup, Hen Harrier and Puffins.


We hope you have enjoyed hearin aboot Orkney and us. Bye noo.

Ali, Ewan, Stacy, Bush, Andrew


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