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Scotspoetry4coolkids is run by Elizabeth Cordiner an Jill Bennett.
They've sent in this piece aboot their wark an are eager tae share thir ideas.


See me – Ah can write ma ain poem!

We hae been performin oor ain Modern Scots poems in primary schules, nurseries an libraries. Hello tae a’ the braw teachers, parents an children that we’ve met there. We’ve been daein workshops as weel so that children can write their ain poems in Scots. Ye can read aboot us on oor wabsteid at

Whit a joy!  We’ve seen them become enthusiastic writers, even tho some micht hae had difficulties wi writin afore. Usin their ain Scots tongue is an empowerin an a joyful thing.

Whit dae we dae?

First, we gie them a stimulus fae performin some o oor poems on a subject the schule chooses fae oor workshop menu - Colours, See me, See you, See us, an Heroes - which covers core values sic as self-worth, freendships, citizenship, an hoo we can a’ be heroes.  We’re awfy keen on raisin children’s self-worth. Oor wark is aboot the joys an challenges o children’s lives today. We gie the children a structure, encouragin an helpin wi words, but we listen tae them, listen tae whit they say an hoo they speak. They write their thochts doon an we pit a poem thegither. By the end, we’re a’ sayin it, giein it laldy, loud an proud. It’s a rerr terr, pure deid brilliant. See us?  We’re fair happy!

Here’s whit Amber, yin o the children, wrote aboot wan o the colours:


See me, ah’m yellae
Ah’m joyfu
Ah can brichten up yer day
Ah’ll keep on shinin like a big smile
Ah’m like a sunflooer
blawin in the wind
Ah’m no like in yer face rid
No me
Ah’m calm
Ah only come oot at daytime cos dark is no me
Ah’m a licht colour
Ah’m yellae
If ye’re feelin sad jist let me ken
Ah’ll brichten up yer day
Ah’m yellae.

By Amber, in P 6/7

Does wark like this no cheer ye up!

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