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Scuilwab - leuk efter yer leid


Scots is nae a dialect o English bit a leid in its ain richt. Read aw aboot the History o the Scots Language frae Caroline MacAfee on the online Dictionary of the Scots Language wabsteid Maist languages hae a nummer o dialects. Dialects hae their ain local wirds or their ain meanins for thae wirds.

Ye micht hae heard o Doric or the Shetland dialect. Try tae find oot aboot ither dialects o Scots. Ye micht recognise a dialect bi the pronoonciation. Listen tae fowk in Aiberdeen, Orkney, Shetland, Dundee or Glesca. Fowk a few miles frae een anither aften yaise different dialect wirds an different grammar or they pronoonce wirds differently. Some neibours yaise totally different wirds. Scottish scrievers aften yaise their ain voice in thir scrievin.

In yer scuil community, teachers, pupils, pawrents an carers micht hae a hail range accents an dialects. If ye arnae a Scots speaker, ye wull hae ither wirds ye've heard or read tae think aboot an share wi ithers.

Tak time tae read Scots an talk wi fowk, listen tae fowk an lairn poems in Scots. We hae some audio clips o fowk frae different pairts o the country. Listen tae thaim an enjoy the rhythm o their voices.

Things tae think on:

Whar dae the fowk come fae?

Are there onie differences in the wirds they yaise or the order o the wirds?

Ye can discuss aw the similarities tae.

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