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Wirds in context: Boadie

Leuk at poems an stories as weel as entries in the 'Dictionary of the Scots Language' tae enjoy wirds relatin tae the boadie in context.Mind that the Dictionary o the Scots Language is twa dictionars plus supplements.


The DSL his a quotation frae J.L.Waugh's Betty Grier Dumfries (1915):

It seeps doon through your thrapple into your lungs. 


Quotation frae Walter Scott's Rob Roy (1817):

"Why, Andrew, you know all the secrets of the family." "If I ken them I can keep them," said Andrew; "they winna work in my wame like barm in a barrel."


Ye might encounter the wirds powe, chowk, queet or shackle tae.

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