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Scuilwab - leuk efter yer leid

Wirds in Context: Food and the Kitchen

Mind an leuk at receipts for Scots wirds relatin tae food an cookin tae see hoo fowk yaise Scots wirds an phrases in context.

The Dictionary of the Scots Language his entries relatin tae food an cookin.

Fowk in yer faimlie micht be interestit in the entry for 'jeely jaur'

A quotation frae Edinburrae's 'Evening News' datit Januar 26th: 

Two youngsters proudly peering at their fishy captures in a jeely-jaur. 

A quotation frae Glesca (1947) frae H.W.Pryde's First Book of the McFlannels:

It disnae matter if ye havenae tumblers for everybody. Jeely jaurs'll dae.


Ye micht like tae leuk at the entry for 'sybo':

The Dictionary of the Scots Language his a quotation frae Walter Scott's Old Mortality that mentions the wird 'sybo':

The head's taen aff them, as clean as I wad bite it aff a sybo. 

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