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Watery craiturs an dragons


Photo used under Creative Commons from EW

Ye micht wint tae research local stories aboot watery craiturs. Thae appear aw ower the country in poems an sangs, nae jist Nessie bit aw kins o kelpies an selkies. Hiv ye heard aboot the Linton Worm, a dragon that deeved Strathmartin or wid ye be feert for a Maeshowe dragon?

Ye micht wint tae research local tales an stories. Ye wull find craftit stories, takkin tent tae detail aften settin thaim in a specific airt.

Ye dinnae need tae scrieve it doon, jist mind it an tell ither fowk.

Ye micht stert a story gaun an ask fowk tae add tae it an see if ye can fleg yer teacher wi it. Let us ken hoo ye get on.

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