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Inventiveness wi wirds

Whiles we need a new wird whan somebody comes up wi a new invention or a new fashion. Fowk borrae wirds frae ither languages or mak wirds up frae bits o Latin an Greek.

Wad it no be a guid idea tae yaise bits o wir ain leid tae mak new wirds? For example, stoor-sooker his been suggestit insteid o vacuum cleaner an cauld-press insteid o refrigerator. Press is a Scots wird for cupboard. Binoculars cud be far-keekers.

Can ye come up wi some guid Scots wirds for some o thae wirds?

Mobile Phone     PC     TV     Printer    Texting  Staycation  Networking 

Send yer suggestions for Scots wirds or fashions that ye find interestin, tae

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