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Mak yer ain Scots dictionar

Dae ye hae a Scots dictionar in yer cless? Dae ye hae Scots wirds on the wa o yer cless? Ye can mak yer ain leet o Scots wirds on a PC or iPad an get fowk tae add tae thaim. Ye micht wint tae hae a leuk at The Scots Dictionary for Schools app, it is free tae doonload frae app stores. Yaise it wi iPads or iPhones.

There are monie different kins o dictionars. Collect twa-three examples an hae a guid leuk. The simplest his ‘heidwirds’ an their meanins are arranged in alphabetical order. Wirdleets on this wabsteid micht get ye stertit.

Think on the layoot an mak the heidwird staun oot.

  1. Wha is the dictionar for?
  2. Hoo dae ye collect yer wirds?
  3. Wull yer definitions be in English or Scots?
  4. Whit information are ye goin tae gie, forby the meanings?
  5. Whit are ye gaun tae dae aboot spellin?
  6. Are ye gaun tae gie the pronounciation o yer heidwirds? (This can be harder nor ye micht think.)

Maist dictionars pit in the 'wird cless' that each entry belongs tae. Hoo is the wird yaised? Gie an example o whit ye overheard fowk say or Scots ye've seen scrievit doon an think on this.

Think on the spellin o yer wird. Ye cud yaise The Concise Scots Dictionary as a guide tae the maist frequent spelling or ye cud spell it the wey it soons. Jist pit a wee note in the introduction o the dictionar tae tell awbodie whit ye decidit tae dae.

Help SLD mak Scotland's dictionars.
Gin ye snowk oot onie wirds ye wint tae find oot mair aboot, send thaim in. Whan did ye come across it, wha yaised it? Aince ye stert, ye wull ask questions aboot wirds aw the time!

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