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Mak yer ain thesaurus

Aulder students micht enjoy yaisin a Scots Thesaurus. Younger students micht enjoy collectin faimlies o wirds that are similar bit nae jist the same. Ye micht stert wi wirds like cantie, blithe, sicker an codgie.

If ye dae a lot o scrievin, ye'll find a thesaurus is a guid thing tae hae on yer desk. Whiles ye need anither wird tae avoid repeatin yersel. At ither times, ye ken there is juist exactly the wird ye wint someplace in yer heid bit it juist winnae come. That is whan ye turn tae yer thesaurus.

A thesaurus is a book wi wirds o similar meaning aw grouped thegither. Ye can order the Scots Thesaurus fae Scottish Language Dictionaries' main wabsteid. Ye micht like tae hae a go at makkin yer ain. Ye wull find some wird leets on this wabsteid tae gie ye a guid stert.

Ye micht like tae leuk up section 3 on Trades, Building(s), Architecture or section 11 Law tae see the walth o material.

Trades, Building(s), Architecture p.293

Lairn aboot a blondin, cannel, clams, cadden nail


Leuk at p223

assize, aliment and affix



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