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Christine de Luca

Christine de Luca wis brocht up in Shetland on the Waas on the west side o the mainland. She bides in Edinburrae. She scrieves in English an in Shetland Dialect. The Scottish Poetry Library his named her as yin o thir makars.

Her main interest is poetry bit she his scrievit dialect stories for aw ages o Shetland bairns. In 1996 she won the Shetland Literary prize wi her first poetry collection Voes and Sounds an agane in 1999 wi Wast Wi Da Valkyries.

She his monie ither awards includin the Prix du Livre insulaire 2007 pour poésie for her new Bilingual Poetry Collection Mondes Parallèles. Her wark is in monie literary journals baith national an international. She is yin o the foonders o Handsel Co−operative Press that wis establisht tae promote literary an artistic wark in Shetland an Orkney.

Her wabsteid his examples o her poems, includin audio.

Christine is currently the Scottish Poetry Library's makar for Edinburrae.

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