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Scuilwab - leuk efter yer leid


John Barbour (c1320-1395)


The title Brus refers tae King Robert I o Scotland, kent as Robert the Bruce. He died in 1329.  The poem is a lang narrative (13,000 lines) an wis scrievit by John Barbour in aboot 1375 – so, nearaboot the time o the events it describes.

Readin an understaunin this text wull big on whit ye hae lairnt areddies aboot Scots. It’s an early text - ower 600 years auld - an afore tacklin it ye shud hae leukit areddies at ither texts frae later on the timeline – sic as the poem The Taill of the Paddok and the Mous.

The extract in the doonload appears nar the end o the poem, an tells o the daith o the King, an hoo in accordance wi his instructions, his hert wis removed so that it cud be taen tae the Holy Land.  Lord James Douglas taen the hert, an wore it roon his craig in a braw enamellt siller case.  He staps in Spain on his wey tae the Holy Land.

In the article there’s some hints tae help ye read the text, as the leid is gey different frae hoo ye wud speak noo.  There’s  a puckle questions at the end for ye tae think aboot.

Hae a leuk at it an see whit ye think…

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