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The Feartie Cat

Rowena M Love

The Feartie Cat

A feartie cat, an richt hen-hertit,
Ah’m shair tae loass onie rammie  -
Fur well afore it wad even be stertit
Whae’d be skirlin for his mammie?

Ah wud!

Fae uncannie craiturs Ah’d jouk awa
Tremmlin, souchin, sairly fleggit
Ah’d coorie, mak masel sma.
Fae sic beasties whae wudnae leg it?

 Ah huv!           

‘Cushie, cushie’ the corbie wud ca,
As a wirriecow’s speirer oot,
Kecklin michtily as Ah lowpit the wa,
He’s clypin tae carlines so wud Ah scoot?

 Wud Ah?!

A hushle o hey in runkelt claes
Wi a tumshie heid an a battered hat
Mochie, holie, seen better days –
Whae on eird cud be feart o that?

 Ah cud!

A wee peep an Ah’m aa peelie wallie,
Ne’er min a fleysome tattie-bogle!
Feart as Ah am o ma ain shaddae,
Whit does it tak  ma smeddum tae coggle?




The vocabulary o this poem is no easy but ye can mak oot whit maist o the words mean fae the context.

  1.  Whit wirds help ye get a sense o the wey a feart craitur behaves? Whit can ye tell about its body-language frae stanza 2?
  2. In stanza three, why daes the poet mak ye think o witches an their familiars? Dae ye think the wird chice is appropriate?
  3. Hoo daes the poet draw attention tae the wirds in the last stanza? Ye micht like tae think on alliteration an onomatopoeia as weel as syntax?
  4. Dae ye think the yaise o Ah wud an Ah huv Wud ah? and Ah cud efter the stanza is effective? Whit is the effect o this an the cheenge tae Nuthin! at the end?

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