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Hamlet's Soliloquy in Scots

A Scots version o Hamlet's Soliloquy is in 'The Gangan Fuit' by Ellie McDonald publisht by Chapman in 1991.

The publication can be a braw soorce o enjoyment an a stertin pint for blethers.

'Tae be or no tae be,

wad that I kent the gait that's richt.'


In p.43 o the same edition o The Gangan Fruit there is a Scots version o

'A Midsummer Night's Dream' Act 3 Scene 1 :

'Bottom: There's pairts o this comedy o Pyramus an Thisby whit'll no gang doun ava. Foe ae thing, Pyramus maun draa his dirk an dae awaw wi hissel. The wemmin'll no abide that. Sae whit's tae be duin?'

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