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Translation Tips Article by Kevin Gallagher

Ideas for discussion frae Kevin Gallagher.
Dae ye enjoy owersettin wark intae Scots? Let us ken yer ain views? Share yer tips wi us.

A taster:

'Getting Started

1. Like any job, a wee bit of preparation will make things easier. Before starting on any Scots translation, it would be well worth-while getting hold of a Scos dictionary. The online Dictionary of the Scots Language ( is free to use and is undoubtedly an invaluable resource. However, having a hard copy resource that can be consulted at a moment's notice is also very handy. The Essential Scots Dictionary (Edinburgh University Press, 2005) works in the same way as a French or Spanish dictionary would, with two sections (Scots-English/English-Scots) and is extensive enough without being too heavy. The Concise Scots Dictionary (Mecat Press, 1985) contains Scots words and their English translations, but is much more in-depth and tends to contain more archaic words. The Scots Thesaurus (Polygon, 1999) is also a fantastic, easy to use resource which groups Scots words into general categories, ranging from Animals to Emotions. Making use of these resources (as well as the others that are availbale out there) can only be beneficial to any Scots translator.'

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