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Burns' life an wark

Whither ye are a confident Scots speaker or no, ye can enjoy Scots literature frae the past richt up tae the praisent day.

Dae ye hae a favourite text that gets ye thinkin aboot the life an wark o Burns?

Fowk mention 'A Life in Letters' by George Scott Wilkie, dae ye ken that yin?

The Association for Scottish Literary Studies hiv a 'Scotnote' on Burns, dae ye yaise that?

Ye micht hae read 'Burns Companion' scrievit by John Cairney publishit by Luath Press, tell us if ye enjoy this?

Let us ken whit ye enjoy an whit gets ye thinkin.

The new Robert Burns Birthplace Museum his a wheen detail aboot the life o Burns.


Heaven-taught Ferguson: Robert Burns' Favourite Scottish poet (2002) Tuckerwell Press East Linton editit by Robert Crawford micht interest ye. 

A colleague mentioned ASLS Scotnote The Poetry of William Dunbar scrievit by Ranald D S Jack (1997). 

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