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Scuilwab - leuk efter yer leid

A Practical Orthographie?

By Dr. Chris Robinson.
First publisht in Lallans Nummer 76 Simmer 2010

I hae aye been sweir tae tak pairt in ony campaign tae impose prescriptive spellins on Scots scrievers. This process in the past haes been mair divisive than ithirweys an gin onie stannart is tae be achieved, there maun be a consensus amang scrievers, for as shair as death, thay winna be telt.

The obvious road til a consensus is by wey o the Dictionars. Gin the spellin variants for ilk an entry is ordered by frequency, stertin wi the maist yaised, the heidword will aye be the maist common. Fowk luikin up the dictionar tae find a spellin will tend tae tak the awreadies preferred heidword and thereby its frequency will increase until sic times as it emerges as an acceptit stannart form. For a feck o wirds, this will wirk jist fine, but for ithers a bit o guidance micht no gang amiss...

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