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Let us ken if ye hae listened tae Scots Language Radio. Listen tae the interviews wi Professor Peter Reid frae Robert Gordon's University spikkin aboot his planned lecture in Doric an aboot the University's plans tae develop a Centre for Northern Culture and Design.

Episode 21 his James Robertson spikkin aboot the slave trade in Scotland an his wark 'Joseph Knight'. 

It his a interestin interview wi yin o the actors (Mark Wood) frae Elspeth Turner's play 'Spectre Town' that wis performed at the Assembly Rooms during the festival. Elspeth Turner is interviewed as weel. Mark spiks aboot his dramatic  trainin an hoo yaisfae it is tae be a native spikker. Mary Blance his a report frae Shetland aboot wark in the Shetland dialect.

Aw rich stertin pints for discussion. 

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