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Scuilwab - leuk efter yer leid

Community focus on the Scots leid

Let us ken aboot onie projects ye enjoy relatin tae the Scots leid.

Ye micht be familiar wi the type of wark o the Dialect coordinators in Shetland. Hae a leuk at 

Ye wull find the 'Mirds o Wirds' on this fantastic wabsteid.

It includes wittins aboot a Shetland dictionar, soon clips an oral history includin 'guddicks'.

Hae a leuk at 'Mirds o wirds' on this rich wabsteid tae.

The online Dictionary of the Scots Language includes Shetlandic entries sic as 'guddick': 

Ye micht be familiar wi the project cried 'Brucehill tots speak Scots', engagin parents, carers an bairns yaisin Scots as a context o lairnin. The Head of Brucehill Early Education and Childcare Centre wirkt wi  Matthew Fitt the weel-kent scriever. A DVD wis produced that wis premiered at a reid cairpet event. 

Projects relatin tae place-nems, tae heritage projects as weel as Scots wird- collection aften gie interestin results.

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