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Owerset intae Scots or original wark in Scots, enjoy baith

Did ye ken that the story of 'Alice in Wonderland' his been owerset intae several Scots dialects sic as North-East (Doric) an Shetlandic? See the Scots Language Centre wabsteid for mair details.

SLC's site his monie owersettins sic as 'Midsummers' Night Dream' intae Scots.

Ye wull find original war on that site tae sic as 'Braw Brew' stories for young fowk scrievit by Liz Niven wi an accompanying CD wi teachers' notes. 


Willie Herschaw launchit a collection o poems launchit on June 3rd. Willie, a Fife-based teacher's collection is entitled 'Postcairds fae Woodwick Mill', a tribute tae George Mackay Brown. Details are on the Scots Language Centre wabsteid anaw.

Ye micht wint tae consult the online Dictionary of the Scots Language for the entry for 'owerset' in the supplement.

The wird 'owerset' wis yaised in The Scotsman in 1994 wi the sense o tae translate.

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