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Scuilwab - leuk efter yer leid

Dae ye belong tae a society celebratin yer favourite scriever?

Let us ken aboot yer club or literary society. It micht focus on the wark o R.L.Stevenson or William Soutar. Wid ye be interestit in a club relatin tae scrievers like Henryson or modren scrievers? Wid ye like a club for Violet Jacob?

Hiv ye thocht on Neil Munro as a poet? He micht be o interest tae ye. THe Scottish Poetry Library his poems frae aw ower that ye micht like tae gust.

Think on a scriever ye wid like tae celebrate in this wey. Whit events wid ye organise tae encourage awbodie else tae enjoy their wark? A wheen societies 'tweet' on behalf o thir favourite scriever.

Fowk get gey enthusiastic aboot aw kins o scrievers.

Ye micht follae in thir fitsteps an visit awroads tae mind yer scriever. The publication, Literary Scotland: A Travellers' Guide publisht by Visit Scotland Glasgow 2011 (in collaboration wi ASLS an the University o Glesca) micht gie ye some ideas o stertin places. It is free tae doonload on the ASLS wabsteid

Hoo wid ye rin yer club? Wid ye hae dress code? Whit age group wid ye like tae target? 

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