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Respectin een anither

Scuils study richts, responsibilities an obligations aw the time. Lairners micht enjoy haein a leuk at the Universal Declaration o Human Richts that wis adoptit an proclaimed on the 10th December 1948. A version o this declaration in Scots by Colin Donati (details are on the Scuilwab resoorce leet) publisht be the Scots Language Society in 2004 entitled 'The Unitit Nations Universal Declaration o Human Richts' his a wheen wittins aboot it.

Article 24:
Awbody hes the richt tae saucht and leisure, includin wyce stents on wark-oors and periodic time aff wi pey.

Anither resoorce that micht interest ye is that Amnesty International's posters o pairt o the Declaration o Human Richts in Scots. Ye wull fin airticles sic as Article 25:

Awbody hes the richt til a standart o life fit for their guid health and heal, especially mithers and bairns.

Pairt o scuils wark on encouragin responsible citizens an monie wark tae becom a richts-respecin scuil.



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