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Ferr Frae the Dirlin Thrang

Ye aften hear aboot translations intae Scots o buiks for bairns bit is therr a merket for mair translations o adult buiks? Are ye interestit in buiks translatit intae Scots for adults or senior lairners? Dae ye ken o onie publishers that support this?

James Spence, scriever an poet, his successfully contributit tae the latest 'New Writing Scotland edition 35' cried 'Talking about Lobsters'. He enjoys scrievin in Scots an tells us that he is currently wirkin on a translation o 'Far From The Madding Crowd' that micht interest mair advanced lairners. His title is gey strang: 'Ferr Frae the Dirlin Thrang'. 

He scrievit a translation fur 'Unco Case o Dr Jekyll an Mr Hyde the graphic novel' that follaed on frae the publication Kidnappit be Cam kennedy an Alan Grant. He scrievit a Scots translation o Conan Doyle's 'The Loast World' tae that ye micht be interestit in.  

Let us ken aboot ither translations ye hiv enjoyed. 


Interesit in scrievin short stories or poems? Details o the New Writing Scotland edition 35 are on the Association of Scottish Literary Studies' wabsteid at

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