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Design a Gallery

Whit picters wid ye hae in yer ain gallery?
Wid ye hae music playin in the backgroond or hae a video loop on the wa?
Wid ye hae spaces whar fowk cud gaither tae debate an blether?
Wid ye like tae stert a biggin frae scratch or refresh an auld yin?
Wid ye like tae include local materials or hae material frae aw ower?

'The House o the Art Lover' in Glesca wis biggit follaein the 1901 designs o Charles Rennie Mackintosh. Mackintosh's designs still delicht fowk theday, wi veesitors frae awa ower. 

If ye design a biggin, ye hae tae think on cost an safety, the appearance an whither it is environmentally freendlie an fit for its purpose.

Whit wid yer priorities be if the budget wis cut?

Ye micht wint tae wirk in a group or on yer ain. 

Fowk micht object tae yer plans.

Can ye convince thaim?

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