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Galoshans at Aileymill Primary School

Headteacher Mrs. Lind fae Aileymill Primary Scuil sent in rael interestin news aboot their wark wi Scots:

Aileymill Primary

We here at Aileymill Primary are promoting Scots Language. We believe that if we do not use our Scots language, we will lose it. To this end we have promoted 'Gallus Galoshans' by making posters and displaying them in and around the school and in town. We have had a great response from the public and the press and TV. We Scots want to keep our local traditions. The posters have been sent all over the world and throughout Britain. Again this has promoted great interest and learning. Our next project is our Christmas Card in Scots. We have 12 classes and each class has produced an illustration for the Scots version of 12 days of Yuletide. The singing of this will conclude all our Christmas services. Isabella Lind November 1st 2011.  


Oor best wishes ging oot tae Isabel is noo retired bit we are gey pleased that she continues as yin o the Scots Ambassadors tae enjoy Scots wi bairns an teachers alike.

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