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Scots an commerce

Monie loan wirds in Scots came through trading links. Ye micht like tae mak yer ain leet o wirds tae dae wi commerce.

Quotation in the online Dictionary of the Scots Language

Glasgow 1988 Michael Munro The Patter Another Blast 12:

Carnegie (1835-1919), whose name is still used to signify great wealth:

'A dishwasher ye're wantin noo? Who the hang d'ye think we ur, Carnegie?'

Do ye yaise the expression 'to trade'?

Orkney 1995 Orcadian 6 Apr.5:
Throughout this period the family were all stone masons to trade. It was throughout the 1930s that Joseph and his brother Norrie ran the shop and a building business until 1940s.

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