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Scuilwab - leuk efter yer leid


Some fowk like gettin postcairds. Dae yer fowk send postcairds? Postcairds can be sent tae yer Grunnie, Granda an Auntie Maggie.

Ye can scrieve yer ain postcairds tae a character frae the past or in a novel. Whit wid ye say?

Ye can mak a kist for letters an postcairds in yer cless an send thaim tae een anither. Ye can mak yer ain designs for the stamps. Hoo wid fowk send messages tae freens an familie nooadays?

Dae ye send cairds tae freen on their birthday or dae ye send an e-caird?

Ye micht wint tae design ane wi Scots wirds on it.


'Hae a braw birthday'

(Gie it laldie on yer birthday'

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