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Scuilwab - leuk efter yer leid

News aboot Scots poetry 4 cool kids by Elizabeth Cordiner

Poetry gets tae the hert an in oor ain Scots language is powerfu. A while back, we hid a session wi a class fae a schule in Perth. We helped them tae each write their ain Scots poem aboot themsels, an then we made a class poem thegither at the end.

Whit's special is that it's aw aboot them an their lives, thir thochts in their ain Scots words. We ca'ed it See Me.

Ither poems are See You, See Us, Heroes an Colours - ye can see oor wabsteid fur them.

We jist love hearin oor children.
An they love talkin.
It's guid tae listen.
An hae a poem in yer hert.