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Scuilwab - leuk efter yer leid


Sandy Says

Hae fun wi a Scots version o Simon says.

Why no try a Scots version o 'Simon Says'?

Whan ye say 'Sandy says pit yer hauns on yer heid', the bairns dae it.

Whan ye jist say 'Pit yer hauns on yer heid' the bairns dinna dae it.

Here are a feck suggestions for Sandy tae say:

Pit yer hauns on yer heid

Touch yer taes

Haud yer lugs

Touch yer neb

Hunker doon

Pit yer hauns on yer hips

Touch yer chin

Pit yer hauns in yer oxters

Touch the grun

Blink yer een

Birl roon

Clap yer hauns

Loup up an doon

Rin on the spot

Mairch like a sodger

Rax up for the muin

If ye dae the gestures, the bairns wull lairn the Scots wirds nae bather.