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Collectin Scots rhymes

Delichtit tae be sent a copy o 'The Gemme's A Bogey' publication wi Scots rhymes collectit in West Lothian by Mary Ferrie. Ye micht like tae dae somethin like this wi yer communities.

The Gemme’s A Bogey’ publication evolved frae wark wi a local community tae collect Scots rhymes. Mary Ferrie collectit the rhymes for the bairns o West Lothian wi financial help frae the ‘Millenium Breaking-Down-Barriers Scheme’.

Monie  rhymes in the buik are popular aw ower.  Ye micht ken ‘Plainy Clappy’.  It wis recitit whan fowk played  a baw gemm, thrawin baws against  a wa or a door:

 Plainy Clappy        

Right hand,
Left hand,
Low Scottische,
High Scottiche,
There ye go,
Now it’s big burlio!

Dae ye ken this rhyme bit hae yer ain version that is a wee bit different?

Dae ye ken ither rhymes like yon?

Ye can contact the Bennie Museum for information aboot the publication:

9-11 Mansefield  Street
EH48 4HU

01506 634944

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