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Modern Grammar

Photo used under Creative Commons from SLD

Grammatical cheenges cairried on in Scots a guid bit langer than in English an variation is still mair acceptable in Scots.

If ye wint mair wittins aboot grammar leuk at 'Understanding Grammar in Scotland Today' by John Corbett and Prof. Christian Kay that wis publisht by the Association for Scottish Literary Studies. Ye can fin details on the Scuilwab resoorce leet an on the ASLS wabsteid.

SLD's Director Dr. Christine Robinson his scrievit a 'Modren Scots Grammar' in Scots cawed 'Wirkin Wi Wirds' publisht bi Luath Press Ltd wi illustrations be Bob Dewar. It wis launchit in Glesca in Februar 2013.

An example frae Dr. Robinson's buik:


'Adverbs are richt thrang wirds. They tell ye hoo, whan an siclike (blithely,easily,yearly,noo). They hae a lot o jobs tae dae.'

His faither cooks rice weel.

His faither cooks tatties badly.

Dr Robinson talks aboot her grammar buik on the Scots Language Centre's wabsteid This section of the Scots Language Centre wabsteid his clips frae the BBC Bletherin' Scots programme. Lots tae blether aboot.

Rab Wilson talks aboot sponsorin a wird tae.

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