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Scuilwab - leuk efter yer leid

Association for Scottish Literary Studies Schools Conferences

Teachers are wirkin hard an gaitherin resoorces tae wirk wi thir scuils.

Hae a leuk at the ASLS wabsteid at  mair details aboot ither conferences sic as their July Conference.

Recordins o guest spickers at previous conferences hiv bin added tae thir wabsteid tae view online.

Listen tae Alan Riach, James Robertson, Ian Brown as weel as Dorothy McMillan an Carl MacDougall. Pauline Rodger updatit awbodie on the new Scottish Studies award.  Senior pupils micht wint tae view an discuss the lectures.

Ye micht be interestit in their 'Bottle Imp' e-zine articles tae.

If ye wint tae select a buik for the 10-14 age range, ye micht wint tae find oot mair aboot the ASLS 'Treasure Islands' series. It his helpful notes aboot the buiks wi recommendit ages.   

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