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Scuilwab - leuk efter yer leid

Aroon yer cless

Ye micht wint tae dae a Scots wird-hunt roon yer cless. Ye can gie bairns clues sic as 'ye walk on this' (cairpet); 'ye can tak a drink oot o this' (tassie); 'ye micht sit on this ane whan ye get tired' (cheer) or 'this tells ye the time' (cloak).

Mak up yer ain version. Ye micht pit Scots wirds at one end o the room an picters of thae objects at the ither end. Ane freen at a time gets a chance tae pair up a wird an a picter. Ye can gie thaim a time limit. If they get it richt, they get a reward. 

Share yer ain ideas wi us. 

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