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Social Dancin

A wee poem by Anne Kelly aboot lairnin dancin at scuil.

Ah canna staun that dancin,
The kind they mak ye dae
When Ye’re dashing the White Sergeant
Or the Glaikit Gordons Gay.
An the teacher maks ye dae it:
‘It’s practice fur yer Pairty.’
Well, Ah wid like tae tell her
That ah dinnae really care tae
Dance the Bluebell Polka
Or strip the Willow doon
Or go tae Mairi’s Weddin
Wae that scunner Katie Broon,
Or that gawky Lindsay Anderson,
Or Sarah-Lee or Jade.
Or Kellyann McArthur, or Emily McDade,
Or Fiona Ross or Gemma,
Or even Dawn Macphee –
But every single yin o them
Wants tae dance wi me!

 Whit dae ye like best aboot Social Dancin? Whit’s worst aboot daein it?

  1. The vocabulary isnae that different fae English but there are a couple o Scots words that are jist aboot untranslateable.  Whit does glaikit mean? Whit is a scunner? Hoo wad ye feel if ye were scunnert?
  2. Yin is jist ae words for the numeral 1 that gets yaised in Scots. It’s nae yaised by awbody in Scotland. Whit word dae ye yaise in yer ain dialect?
  3. Some o the spellin micht no be the wey ye wud spell things yersel. The spellins here gies ye some idea o the poets ain pronunciation. Whit spellins gie ye clues tae the wey she speaks?
  4. In ancient times, bards wud compose poetry wi the names o their chief’s ancestors, or leets (lists) o their famous battles. A guid poet had tae be able tae turn leets intae verse. There are twa leets in this poem. Whit twa kinds o thing are listed?
  5. Scrieve yer ain shoppin leet, can ye mak it rhyme?

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