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I Hate Kale

This poem by Laureen Johnson frae Shetland micht mak ye think on the kin o food ye like tae eat an the food ye dinnae like.

I Hate Kale!

I hate it becaas it's green.
I hate it becaas it's flat.
An da wye at it feels inside your mooth -
gadge!  I do hate dat!

Der naethin in aal da world
such a horrible taste as kale.
An Grandad says, when he wis a boy
he didna laek it himsel.

But he hed ta aet it, he said
or fant till he guid ta bed.
An he says ta me at he laeks it noo
but grandad is sixty-two.

It's an aafil lang time ta wait
ta get ta laek somethin you hate
-but onywye, since he laeks it fine
he ett mine.


Laureen Johnson

Wirds in the poem:

'Kale' or 'kail' is kind o cabbage, it micht be biled or champit. Ye can mak soup wi kale an ither ingredients like 'pea kail' or 'salmon kail.'

'fant' means sterve and ye can guess whit 'gadge' means!

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