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Foo Robbie got his reed breest

A traditional tale fae Shetland. Dae ye ken onie ither versions o this tale? Let us ken.

Foo Robbie got his reed breest

Noo lang ago ee Christmas Eve
Whin everythin wis freezin
A peerie robin wi a cauld
wis hostin an wis sneezin.

Da poor wee thing
wis freezing cauld
whin Santie came alang

An walkin troo da cauld whit snaa
Da peerie bird he fan.
An Santie Claus wi kindly eyes
looked at da peerie ting.

“Ir dir naethin in me bag
Far dee at I could fin?”
He looked bit dere wis naethin dere
At wisna bookit up.
An dan he got his ee apo
Da big hem o his cot.

“Noo Birdie,” tinks auld Santie Claus.
“I reckon du’ll be pleased
If I gie dee my rid cot’s hem
Ta tie aroond dee breest.”

Dan Robin tanked Santie Claus
His praises never ceased.
An dat’s da wye wir Robbie cam
Ta hae a rid breest.

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