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Performing Scots
Mind an send in yer news. Ye can see the bairns enjoy the veesits frae authors. Leuk at Eve's report frae fernyear.

Last week P4 at Comely Park Primary School in Falkirk recited a Scots poem at a special Literacy Assembly. The poem was called ‘Wee Davie Daylicht’. It is a really old poem. It was written by Robert Tennant who was really young when he died. He lived between 1830 and 1879. The modern author James Robertson adapted the poem. This means he changed bits to make it more modren. The poem is the opposite o ‘Wee Willie Winkie’.
The best bit about performing the poem was we did it altogether – a bit like a choir singing. Our favourite words from the poem are: jinks; keeks; mairches; flichters; glesses; banes; breeshles.
by Eve Pearson P4/4

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