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The Kist/Chiste Anthology

Februar 2013
Content frae Kist/A'Chiste Anthology wis available on Education Scotland's wabsteid.
This content wull be transferred tae a Scots language wabsteid.


Scottish Poetry Library's wabsteid includes poems in Scots.

A year past, for 'National Poetry Day in Scotland' the library printit a postcaird wi 'Skippin Sang' from J.K.Annand's 'A Wale o Rhymes'.

Skippin Sang

In comes Nannie
Jines wee Annie
Bides wi her Grannie
And Annie lowps oot.

In comes Sammy
Greetin for his mammy'

Drives his mammy balmy
Withouten ony dout.

In comes Maisie
Fresh as a daisy

Canna say she's lazy,
Kittle as a cowt.

In comes Jenny
Loookin for her hennie,
Bocht it for a penny
Doun in the Plowt. 

Ye can find this poem an ither resoorces at

Leuk oot for the National Poetry Day in Scotland cairds.

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