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Message Frae Atlas

Angela Blacklock-Brown gies us an interestin view o a weel-kent myth.

Ma pal Hercules
fancied aipple tairt
the nicht,
so Ah thocht tae masel 
- We need aipples,
fur a stert.
- Gowden Delicious wud dae,
he says.
- Nae problem, Ah says,
but whaur dae ye buy
 yer fruit at this oor,
wi the mercat shut?
So Ah sterted tae muse, jalouse even .....
if Juno wad hae thae special yins,
except thon dragon
puffin smoke
micht gie me the dry boke.
Ah could soak
him wi cauld watter ...
A wee scoosh wudnae dae ony hairm.
So hae a wurd or twa
while Ah'm awa
an Ah'll gie ye a bell an tell
ye aw aboot it
whan Ah get hame.


Dae ye ken aboot Hercules, Atlas an Juno? Fin oot aw aboot thaim. If ye ken the stories, ye can really enjoy the humour o the poem.

Juno wis Hercules’ stepmither. She wis jeelous an ettlit tae murder Hercules as a bairn by pittin a serpent aside his cradle. Wi Eurystheus, Juno gied Hercules twal tasks tae dae.

Atlas wis wantin a brek fae haudin up the warld an Hercules greed tae dae it whiles Atlas socht the aipples. Hercules needit aipples tae feenish yin o his tasks. Eurytheus haed telt Hercules tae get the gowden aipples o the Hesperides.

The Hespirides an Hera
The Hesperides (or Dochters o the Een) wur nymphs wha warkt for goddess Hera, guairdin aipples she got for a waddin present. They wur in a gairden wi a heich wa. The gairden wis gairdit be a draigon cawed Ladon.

Further study
Fin oot mair aboot the darg Hercules haed tae dae.

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