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Scuilwab - leuk efter yer leid

Dunsapie Loch

Enjoy this poem by Angela Blacklock-Brown aboot a pairt o Edinburrae ye micht ken.

Read the poem an tak time tae think aboot yer ain toun.

Dunsapie Loch

Dawn breenges in bricht as the railway blossom
stravaigin roon the brae ahint.
Chinks o pink an peach an the skinlin sun
scrimple the watter tae crushed velvet quiltin.
A wheen o seagulls scrannin fur scraps
skite ower the surface an a corbie stauns scraichin,
wings drookit, hingin like a broken brolly.
Mallards coorie doon, dunkin nebs ablow
the slime, bums up, huntin fur wurms.
A saft smirr sterts an sin the loch faws quate,
birdsang breks, draps awa an Arthur’s Sate
weel happit in a cloak o haar huddles on its hunkers.

First Published in ‘Stramash’, an anthology of poetry and prose, published by the University of Glasgow in 2004 (copyright the authors)

Subsequently broadcast on BBC Radio Scotland.

Dunsapie Loch Questions

1. Scrieve doon fower adjectives in the poem. Can ye wirk oot whit they mean? Dae ye hiv a favourite? Gie reasons for yer chice.

2. Leuk at the verbs yaised in the poem sic as scrannin, stravaigin an scraichlin. Can ye wirk oot whit they mean? Leuk thaim up if ye arnae shuir.
3. Are there ony ither wirds ye like in parteecular? In whit weys are they effective?

4. Wale yer favourite metaphor. Whit dae ye like aboot it?

5. Ye micht like tae tak some photographs or hunt oot picters in magazines o lochs or hills. Ye can scrieve aboot thaim in Scots.

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