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Heelster Gowdie

Heelster gowdie
Say the wird oot lood. Dae ye like the soon?

The Dictionary of the Scots Language praisents evidence aboot its yiss:

Rabbie Burns (1796):

Soon, heels o'er gowdie, in he gangs.

Glesga (1879):

She aff the pavement slips, an' got a heels-owre-gowdie fa'.

Sheena Blackhall (1998):

'Oh! Oh! Oh!' skirled Kirsty, as she stottit tapsalteerie, heelstergowrie, stot, stot, stot, like a dottled yo-yo.

Ye micht wint tae think on the wird 'gowdie' on its ain. Find oot whit gowdie-lane means? Dae ye yaise it?

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